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Rojawelding was founded on the basis of our rich previous experience and is engaged in providing complex welding, locksmithing and piping work. Our motto is: quality- safety- satisfaction. Quality – We provide our customers with qualified welding specialists who hold STN-EN ISO 9606-1i certificates. Safety – safety at work is paramount for us. We follow the slogan Safety first- nobody get hurts. Satisfaction – we pride ourselves not only on customer satisfaction, but also on the worker himself. Satisfied worker = satisfied customer = satisfied company.

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Our main strengths

We have 12 certified welders and pipelines, welding experience all over Europe, we weld steel structures, pipelines, tig and mag welding, 23 completed large projects, 15 years of welding experience.

Eight countries where we worked

Through many years of experience, we have worked in almost all European Union countries:


  • welding of new large-capacity tanks for storage of diesel, petrol
  • welding structures
  • welding thick-walled material


  • welding of new large-capacity tanks


  • Le Havre – welding of double-plastic tanks on
  • Strasbourg – tank welding, roof replacement of old tanks
  • Lille – welding of new tanks


  • assembly of conveyors


  • Barcelona – brewery construction – silos and pipelines


  • welding of heavy stone crushing equipment


  • welding of refinery chimneys


  • welding of carousel structures

Our company Rojawelding s.r.o worked in different countries and participated in various projects.

Our team consists of professional, who weld all kinds of materials and thicknesses using welding methods 135,136,138,141, etc. During our activities we have been engaged in the following activities:

  • welding of structures, reservoirs, tanks, gas pipeline, oil pipeline, pressure piping, distribution in brewery, dairies
  • in Belgium, in the petrochemical industry, we took part in the construction and welding of oil and petrol tanks, in the food industry chocolate tanks, etc.
  • in the Netherlands and France, we collaborated on projects for the construction of new tanks, pipelines in the refinery, petrochemical and food industries.
  • in Switzerland, we worked on a project for Gip- production of heavy machinery for quarries
  • in Italy we were engaged in welding of constructions, we also cooperated on welding of constructions of football stadium to Warszawa
  • our work references include welding gasification chimneys to refineries
  • our company was also active in Norway, where we savaged conveyor belts
  • we have successfully cooperated in the construction of breweries in Barcelona, ​​Ethiopia, Congo
  • in Hungary we cooperated with Company in welding structures to amusement parks and in the Czech Republic we cooperated on bridge structures

Our company is also engaged in welding thick-walled materials – our welders are aware of responsibility at work and without any problems go through checks such as ultrasound, X-ray, magnetic or capillary test. We are a team of professionals who form an integral part of your success.

Ján Rosinski

CEO manager

Mgr. Jana Placeková


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Rojawelding s.r.o dispose of 12 certified welders and pipe fitters. All our welders hold VCA / SCS certificates as well as Certificates-confirmed welding / pipe fitters. 111, 121, 135, 136 and 141 according to the respective countries and legal regulations.

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